#26  -  Janel Alexandra DeCurtis
High School:Redondo Union High School
Graduation Year:2014
Academic Accomplishments:

2010-2011 Freshman Year- GPA 4.3

2011-2012 Sophomore Year- GPA 4.5 (1st Semster)  Class rank 8/606

Awarded Certificate of Recognition for Algebra 2

Awarded Outstanding Student for Spanish 2

High School Soccer Accomplishments:

2010-2011 Freshman Year- JV Soccer team- Midfield.  Goal scored- 6

Awarded The Competitive Greatness Award and Scholar Athlete Award.

2011-2012 Sophomore Year- Varsity Soccer team-


Club Soccer Accomplishments:

SCDSL League- Tier 1 Bracket

Club Soccer player- Age 9 to Present- (7yrs)

Skilled in center midfield techniques, including delaying, heading, chest trapping, slide tackling and passing, which includes, starting combinations through the middle.  Skilled with both left and right foot. Loud game voice with team players.

Other Important Player Information:

Community Service Projects 

New Channels Program- Currently outreaching to organizations in the Beach Cities and Los Angeles area with underprivileged children for a day on the water with Sailboating, kayaking and beach volleyball.

Sailing Counselor-for the Del Rey Yacht Club, Marina Del Rey, CA.  Mentoring and teaching youth the Sport of Small Boat Sailing and Racing.  Ranging in the ages of 8 to12 yrs. old.

Agalita Foundation- is a Non-Profit organization for Awareness To Ocean Pollution

High School Tutor- Tutoring fellow students in Algebra 2 and Honor Biology.

So Cal Developmental Soccer League Fall 2011-2012 Black Under 16 Girls Flight I
So Cal Developmental Soccer League Fall 2011-2012 Black Under 17 Girls Flight I
So Cal Developmental Soccer League 2011 Showcase Events Black Under 16 Girls
DOB 01/17/1996
ID# 29604-749900
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 125 lbs

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