Spring 2021 Season

Spring 2021 Season

SCDSL Return to Play Information:

Hello everyone! I hope you all are excited about CA finally opening for Return to Play for youth sports! We have many new member clubs joining us for Spring 2021 and beyond so be on the lookout for a Press Release from US Club Soccer with the list of clubs AND – Super Exciting – our new branding launch all on Tuesday, March 2nd!

It’s good to see the case ratios continue to drop in each county which is allowing for more and more participation as we kick into hyper-gear to get the players back out on the fields.

The SCDSL has put together some IMPORTANT DATES for your planning purposes. These dates are:

March 7th midnight: Teams add/drop Deadline 

March 10th: Field Permits Deadline. Clubs can choose the option of renting from our partners at Silverlakes, Oceanside or Del Mar.

March 15th: Deadline to submit your team payments.



7v7 games – no scores or standings

9v9 games – scores will be posted but no standings will be kept

11v11 games (all levels) – scores will be posted but no standings will be kept.

Since the high school players will be juggling high school and club practices and games, we are going to schedule the non-high school age groups every weekend and the high school ages every other weekend until the weekend of April 24th at which time the younger teams will be scheduled every other weekend and the olders will be scheduled every weekend. We don’t want to increase the risk of injury to anyone by having the high schoolers over play after not having played for so long.

Dates of play for SCDSL Spring 2021: March 20th – May 16, 2021. No games Easter weekend (April 3-4).  There will be games on Mother's Day.

Teams will play a 10-game schedule. No playoffs.


Players will be allowed to play in 2 games per day for the same club.  This modification will help teams with light rosters.

  • For the 2011 teams moving from 7v7 to 9v9 – teams will have the option to play spring staying with the 7v7 format OR moving to the 9v9 format.
  • For the 2009 teams moving to 11v11 – teams will have the option to play spring staying with the 9v9 format OR moving to the 11v11 format.

All players must have Cal South player cards as we are still sanctioned by Cal South until our Fall 2021 season.