2020 Season Update

2020 Season Update

To all SCDSL member clubs:

As we begin September we have been consistently evaluating the possibility of the league starting on October 3rd as previously communicated.

With CA still stuck in the early phases of re-opening and with no indication that large groups or youth soccer will be allowed any time soon, we have made the decision to push the start date of the SCDSL back to Saturday, October 31st. We have to do what's in the best interest of all of our members, players, coaches and families and the state has not allowed the progression of phase re-opening to advance enough to get players on the field to prepare, safely, for games.

The large facilities still do not have approval to host events (Silverlakes, RMVRP, OCGP) and these are venues that the SCDSL and our members rely on for games. The Discovery Division is held at Silverlakes and without the ability to host games there we need to postpone scheduling for these games as well. We are in touch with Silverlakes and they will let me know when they will have permission to host games again.

The challenge is two-fold.

1. Venues opening so that permits can be issued and games can be scheduled. This is difficult when so many clubs use school fields and those schools may be doing virtual teaching and they are not maintaining fields at this time. It's also challenging because most cities are not allowing teams back on the fields yet as they do not want liability issues created by teams practicing in close proximity.

Followed by:

2. Phase advancement to include large group gatherings and youth soccer being allowed under the Return to Play Guidelines of Cal South and the State of CA.

Right now, there are a few (very few) cities that have reopened venues but the clubs are only allowed social distance training. Close to 85% of our members are not back on fields yet and have not received any indication as to when their fields will re-open or when permits will be issued. Those cities that have allowed teams back on the fields can only have social distancing training which is not game-level practicing that teams need prior to playing again.

We spoke to Cal South On Thursday 9/3/20 and they are making league play a "priority" over State/National Cup so even if league play extends into February or March, they will push back State/National Cup to later in the spring and early summer, so that their sanctioned gaming circuits can get their games played.

With CIF allowing high school players to play both high school and club soccer this year, playing in to February or March will not be an issue.

So, at this time, we'll pencil October 31st as the start date for the SCDSL and we will re-evaluate come early October.

We will keep going and will keep evaulating the situation as we are determined to get these 10-games played for your players! The season is going to look different this year as far as when we play but we can't WAIT to see the teams back on the field and playing games again!

Take care everyone!